Sport Mount - Yoke Clamp

by: MyGoFlight

The iPad Sport Mount - Yoke is for pilots who want to clamp their iPad Sport™ or iPad Kneeboard Sport™ case on the yoke of their airplane or similar pole like surface. This mount comes with a Sport™ Adapter with RingO mounting system. The mount is portable and can easily fit in your flight bag or can be positioned and left on-board. Perfect for owners and renters alike.


  • Secure the mounting arm over or under the yoke arm and position the iPad as you wish
  • Fits arms from 1.0" to a maximum of 3.5" wide and includes various hose clamps to attach the mount to the arm.
  • Made out of a lightweight, high strength, aluminum
  • Overall height fully extended - 5.75 inches

Included Components and Dimensions:

  • V Shaped metal mount with one inch ball
  • 6" long metal strap
  • 8" long metal strap
  • 10" long metal strap
  • 5.5" rubber strip that supports the metal straps to avoid scratching or marking of the rail
  • 3" double socket arm

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