Portable Energy Station

by: MyGoFlight

  • No power outlet? No problem. A loss of power on your iPad in-flight can be detrimental to your flight operations. Gain the peace of mind knowing that if your iPad, iPhone or other mobile device runs out of juice in the air, this emergency battery backup can supply hours of extended life... more than enough to safely get you to your destination. Engineered to the highest standards, 10000 mAH Portable Energy Station is a mobile, compact and simple to use portable power supply for all your power-hungry USB devices, including all generations of iPad and iPhone.

    Boasting a powerful 10000 mAh, 2A battery the Portable Energy Station can charge your iPad, iPhone, or any other USB powered Smart Phone or Tablet while you're on the go. It is both lightweight and compact for its capacity. This power supply can easily fit into your pockets or purse. To use, just attach the device(s) to be charged using its USB cable or supplied cable with 6 connectors, then press the on button to begin charging!
    • External battery for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android phone/tablet and any other USB ready device
    • High capacity 10,000 mAH lithium polymer battery
    • 2 USB outputs - 5V, 1A & 2.1A - charge 2 devices simultaneously
    • Track the power level with LED status indicator lights
    • Low deterioration - 85% of charge will remain after sitting unused for 12 months
    • Charges via Micro USB cable (included)
    • Dimensions: 5.5" (L) x 2" (W) x 3/4" (W)

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