iPad Folio C AIR

by: MyGoFlight

The iPad Folio C is everything you look for when searching for the most convenient rotating aviation kneeboard. The Folio C exceeds needs of pilots in the cockpit environment. Its rich high quality leather provides a luxurious feel on the outside while the inside keeps your iPad protected with soft micro fiber lining. It has been created by Pilots to meet the needs of the everyday Aviator. The ultra thin design makes it easy to be secure on your leg for use without getting in the way of controls. The strong and lightweight aluminum clipboard provides helpful info and can conveniently attach to the inside or outside.

  • Solid rotation with stops every 5 degrees
  • Swings open 330 degrees
  • Underside constructed with aluminum rails and Velcro strap for durability and comfort
  • 4 rubber pads on rails for sturdiness on
  • desk/table
  • Designed to provide access to all ports/button on iPad


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