Sport Mount - Extended Yoke

by: MyGoFlight

The iPad Sport Mount - Extended Yoke is for pilots who want to clamp their iPad Sport™ or iPad Kneeboard Sport™ case on the yoke of their airplane or similar pole like surface. This mount comes with a Sport™ Adapter with RingO mounting system, which is positioned on an adjustable plate. This plate allows the iPad to rest lower than the end of the arm, bringing it to the correct level directly inbetween the handles of the yoke controls.


  • Fits yoke shafts from 5/8" to a maximum of 1 1/4". Can also be used to mount to glare shields or other shelf like surfaces.
  • Made out of a lightweight, high strength, composite material.
  • Overall height fully extended - 4.75 inches

Included Components & Dimensions:

  • Yoke clamp
  • 2" double socket arm
  • Sport Adapter on drop plate.

Collections: iPad Gear, Pilot Supplies

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