PLC Pro Flight Bag

by: MyGoFlight

  • Designed by pilots to meet the exacting needs of the cockpit environment, The PLC Pro is built from the ground up to be the ultimate solution for storing and protecting all of the gear you will need while flying, with a special focus on your most important tool, the iPad. It has a specially designed, airport check-point friendly protective pouch to hold an iPad, laptop computer or many other electronic flight bag devices. All of the compartments are easy to see into, making it simple to find what you are looking for. There is room for everything a pilot needs to take with them in-flight. The Flight Bag PLC™ Pro bag is designed by pilots for pilots to be the ultimate flight bag for all aviators. This bag gives you the style, storage, organization, compact size and functionality like never offered before.
    • Strong, highly padded shoulder strap
    • Can convert to backpack or shoulder bag
    • Deep cell padding
    • Airport check-point friendly rear compartment
    • Compact in size being 17" tall x 13" wide x 7" deep and very light weight.
  • Designed to hold all of the following and more
    • 2 headsets, each in its own micro-fiber lined bag
    • iPad w/ case
    • 13" laptop computer
    • Sunglasses/eyeglasses
    • Pens and pencils
    • Multi-tool
    • Cell Phone
    • 2 Compact flashlights
    • Spare batteries
    • Hand-held radio
    • Water bottle
    • Digital Camera
    • Clip to attach keys
    • Chargers and AC adapters
    • External GPS device
    • O2 masks/cannulas
    • Log Book

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